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Stainless Steel 304 Flanges are the most versatile grade of SS Flanges and fittings that are used in applications in several different industries. The SS 304 Flanges offer has excellent forming and welding characteristics. They possess an austenitic structure that helps them to have high toughness, even down at cryogenic temperatures. They offer excellent resistivity against various corrosive media in a wide range of atmospheric environments. At ambient temperatures, they are also resistant to potable water up to 200 mg/L chlorides. They can resist oxidation till 670 °C in intermittent service and up to 925 °C in continuous service. The SS 304 Flanges are subject to stress corrosion cracking.


The Stainless steel 304 Flanges are the most widely used grade of the stainless steel flanges in the industry. They are extensively used in heavy gauge components (over about 6mm). The SS 304 Flanges and fittings are used in numerous industries because of their excellent characteristics. Some of the industries that use the stainless steel 304 Flanges and fittings are Food processing equipment, Chemical industries, Heat Exchangers, etc. Threaded flanges are mostly produced from SS 304 flanges. These flanges are also used to manufacture Kitchen sinks and Chemical containers. Water filtration systems also use the Stainless steel 304 flanges and fittings for some of their applications.

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