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Nuts are considered as fasteners that have threaded hole. They are often used in conjunction using mating bolts as to fasten the two different parts together. Well, if you are looking for the right quality of nuts then stainless steel 304 nuts are right for you. The 304 stainless steel nuts are also known as UNS S30400 nuts. To use these nuts two different parts are kept with the combination of threads friction then the slight stretching is done with bolts and compressed so as to keep the two parts together. manufacturers who manufacture these stainless steel nuts make sure that the raw material used is in accordance with an international quality standard or not.


These stainless steel 304 nuts are available in different size as per the demand and requirement of customers. These nuts include DIN, ASTM, BS and other international standard and specifications. The length of these nuts varies from 3mm to 200mm and size varies from M02 to M33. These nuts are available in different types such as washers, wing nuts, hex nuts, square nuts, hex domed nuts, hexagon nuts etc.

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