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Stainless Steel 304 Ptfe Lined Flanges are constructed from stainless steel with a PTFE lining for excellent corrosion resistance. This durable composite material is composed of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon, offering greater strength and durability than standard stainless steel components. The PTFE lining protects from acid and other corrosive chemicals, which can be damaging to exposed metal surfaces. At the same time, stainless steel provides the stability necessary for biological applications, making this combination a popular choice when extreme durability is needed in volatile conditions.

Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Lined Flanges are widely used throughout the engineering industries due to their robust and reliable construction. These flanges are constructed with a fusion-welded and lined body, allowing for improved corrosion resistance and more significant structural integrity, even in extreme temperatures. Additionally, these products have excellent thermal insulation qualities due to the PTFE lining and help prevent damage and reduce noise caused by thermal expansion. Furthermore, these flanges are easy to install thanks to their dimensionally accurate design, allowing for quick assembly into your existing system with minimal preparation work required. With all these uses and properties combined, Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Lined Flanges are the most popular choice for any engineering project.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Lined Flanges

Stainless Steel 304 ptfe lined flanges are available in sizes ranging from NPS ½” to 12”

Stainless steel 304 ptfe lined flanges can be welded, threaded, or slip-on depending on the specific application.

Stainless steel 304 ptfe lined flanges have a maximum working pressure of up to 1500 PSI (103 bar) depending on the size.

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