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Stainless Steel 304 PTFE Valves are made from 8% nickel and 18% chromium austenitic steel. It is extremely durable and sturdy valves. The microstructure of it is austenitic and is highly corrosion free. It is relatively suitability for the wide range of industrial applications which need both good weldability and formability. It is also delivered with different surface finishes to the users such as black or gray paint, epoxy coating, galvanized, rust oil and so on. This can be used for applications such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers and more. It can be utilized in marine applications because it is highly non corrosive, as we said earlier.


These stainless steel valves cover up dimension and standards like API, DIN, ASTM, and BS and so on. Manufacturers are selling these flanges to the customers under their budget and according to their specific needs. You can place order for the product, in accordance with your desired sizes and shapes. This grade is known for their lifelong services even under harsh conditions. The flanges are versatile and ductile. It can also be purchased in different quantities, shapes and sizes.

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