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Stainless Steel 304 Screw has slightly enhanced rust resistance under powerful oxidizing atmospheres. This grade stainless steel screw is also very beneficial for elevated temperature service as of its excellent mechanical properties. It also provides stress rupture and high creep properties. With the stainless steel content, chromium and nickel content is also used to make this screw. It can work in any temperature conditions and that’s the only plus point, that makes it highly usable product.


Now, talking about its specification, that is ASME SA 193 and ASTM A 193. The standard of it is BS, ASTM, DIN and all international and national standards. The length of it is from 3 mm to 200 mm and the size of it is from 3/6 – 2” and custom sizes. It is available in different kinds such as the threaded screw, hex head screw, steel shoulder screw, concrete screw, blind rivet, socket head cap screw, anchor screw and so on.


Stainless Steel 304 Screw never breaks soon because it is sturdy in nature. It works for a longer duration of time. Its packet comes at the very cheap rate as well.

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