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The stainless steel pipe/tubes are available in wide range of surface treatments, sizes, shapes, and ASTM standards. The outer diameter of stainless steel 304 tubing is 6mm to 630mm. The wall thickness of these grade tubing is 0.2mm to 30mm. The standard specification of the tubing is ASTM A269, A312, A554, A249, A270, etc. The manufacturing process of the tubing is including various processes like rolling, straightening, hydrostatic test, sizing, annealing, tubing, stripper, cooling, inspection, and storage. The tubing is produced by using very good quality of raw materials. These raw materials are purchased from those market vendors that assure originality in its quality.

The grade Stainless steel 304 tubing being austenitic stainless steel is highly versatile and is widely used stainless steel for various industrial and engineering applications. They are effectively exhibiting corrosion resistance feature to a greater range of corrosive surrounding. Type 304 SS tubing is also exhibiting good machinability. It is also having the outstanding feature of weldability without or with the addition of the filler metals. 304 stainless steels is versatile and is used for making equipment and parts that need effective overall performances (formability and corrosion).

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