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Stainless Steel 304H Bars, this grade bar contain minimum 8% nickel and 18% chromium. With that in this form, you will also get the use of carbon that makes it suitable to use in many commercial sectors. It exhibits the corrosion resistance property that makes it an ideal option for using in the commercial areas. These bars have improves it high-temperature strength in the temperature above 800 Deg F. It also has great long-term creep and short-term strength that makes this product more resistant.


It is often used in the constructional work beside this it is also used in the commercial and home applications because of its excellent corrosion property. This bar even has high ease outstanding formability, fabrication and tremendous strength.


Looking at its shapes and sizes as per the demand of the customers the manufacturer use to add all national and international quality material in its making. All these make these bars best in use, especially in the constructional project. The Stainless Steel 304H Bars range mainly starts from 3.17 to 350mm diameter. The use of right material makes these bars trustworthy product.

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