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The electrode has high carbon content and it is designed to fit high temperature applications. It can withstand temperatures of up to 8000 C without loss of ductility or its strength. The material is resistant to aqueous corrosion even under such temperatures.


Properties of stainless steel 304H electrodes

Mechanical- The alloy has a tensile strength of around 600MPa while the yield strength is 185MPa. The elongation capacity of the filler metal is 40% in 50mm. The material has a density of 8.0g/cm3.

Chemical- The elements found in the stainless steel 304H electrodes include carbon, nickel, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, nitrogen, chromium, and iron. Mo gives stability to the alloy and enhances corrosion resistance.



  • Heat exchangers.
  • Cutlery and flatware.
  • Food and beverage industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Architectural paneling.
  • Sewerage systems.

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