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Stainless steel 304H nuts are those stainless steel products that are manufactured using raw stainless steel and other raw material. These nuts are considered best because of its excellent properties and features like tensile strength, corrosion resistance, resistant to oxidation, durability, ductility, long functional life and many more. The nuts are often used for connecting or fastening the two parts together. Moreover, they are also used in applications and industries like paper industry, chemical processing industry, fertilizer industry, and food processing industry.


These stainless steel 304H nuts are manufactured using quality of raw material in accordance with the international standard and specifications. The specifications included to the stainless steel nuts manufacturing process is ASTM A193 and ASME SA 193. The length of these nuts varies from 3mm to 200mm whereas its size varies from M3- M56/ 3/6 to 12 inches and all custom sizes. They are available to customers in different types such as square nuts, head nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts, panel nuts and dome nuts. Furthermore, they come across various tests and inspections, proving products quality and durability as well. At last, they are packed in wooden cases that prevent rust and damages until its last stage of production.

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