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Stainless Steel 304H Plates, its alloy is one of the widely used alloys that come in the combination of the 18-8 percent of chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel. It is cost effective and with that versatile corrosion resistance form of an alloy that fulfills the general purpose of several applications. Beside this, it is one of the dually certified alloys having lower carbon content. In addition, it also contains a specific amount of the nitrogen that helps in meeting the mechanical properties of other applications.


Moreover, it is non-magnetic under the annealed condition and slightly become magnetic when it comes to cold working or under the welding. With that these Stainless Steel 304H Plates are also get welded or processed in many fabrication practices. Not only that, it also acted as a good corrosion resistance in the atmospheric corrosion, and in chemical or inorganic reducing environment. As it contains the high amount of the chromium it increases it oxidizing solution property. This plate also works in the equipment which is used in marine industries. The use of right elements enhances its working. So, leave the rest, and choose it.

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