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The main use of valve is to regulate and control the flow of fluids; liquids and gases. Valves are used in various industries, pipelines, food and beverages, oil and gas, chemical industry, bio pharma industries, etc. In fact, every industry has the use of valves in one way or the other. This makes it extremely necessary to choose the right valve for the right application.


Stainless steel 304H valves are, for the most part, used in chemical industries and the oil and gas industries. These valves are made of high carbon content that makes them extremely tough at higher temperatures.


304H valves are corrosion resistant enough but not to a very great extent. The main characteristic of a 304H valve is its strength at higher temperatures which is the primary reason of these valves finding applications in industries where there is a lot of heat around. Oil and gas, chemicals, pharma, around boilers etc.

Stainless steel 304H valves are available in different types. Ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, gate valve, plug valve, non-returning valves, etc. They can all handle higher pressures.

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