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The stainless steel washers are a unique and are highly regarded one.  These are being used widely for many applications. Stainless Steel 304H Washer exhibits very good corrosion resistance. The alloy of 304H provides the improved high temperature strength when they are being exposed to temperatures ranging above 800 degree Fahrenheit. They also have greater short term and long term creep strength at 500 degree Celsius and are more resistant to sensitization. These washers are often being utilized as a material for the construction up to about 1500 degree Fahrenheit.


Some of the areas where these are being employed include petroleum refineries, pipelines, condensers, cooling towers and many more. They have a good oxidation resistance in intermittent service to 8700 degree Celsius and in continuous to 9200 degree Celsius. It has a higher strength at high temperatures, hence they are being often used in structural purposes. The resistance to corrosion in oxidizing environment is a result because of the content of chromium which is from 18 to 19 percentages. They can be readily welded by all standards. There might be a requirement for annealing of the plate after welding.

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