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Are you in search of best quality and grade of bolts so that you can use them in your industrial applications? If yes, then why don’t you choose Stainless steel 304L bolts? Yes, these are the best quality of stainless steel bolts that are manufactured using 304L alloy and grade. They are made with finest and premium quality of raw material and raw steel that is first tested and inspected by the quality experts and agents who in turn offer a raw material certificate. Well, talking about its standards and specifications these are approved as per national and international standards. Stainless steel bolts are highly preferred as they have high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and a combination of nickel and chromium.


Well, the length of Stainless steel 304L bolts varies from 3mm to 200mm and size varies from M02 to M33. These bolts cover specifications like BS, ASTM and IS. On the other hand, few tests are done to prove bolts quality such as hardness test and raw material test. With it, manufacturer test certificate is authorized to customers.  Furthermore, to prevent these bolts from rust and damages at the time of transporting these bolts are packed in small boxes or pallets as per the requirements of the customers.

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