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The Stainless steel 304L flanges are low carbon containing versions of the general SS 304 Flanges. The lower carbon content of these flanges help them with higher resistivity against corrosion. The lower carbon content helps in reducing the carbide precipitation which reduces the chromium content in these sheets, during the welding process. This carbon precipitation is responsible for the corrosive resistivity of these flanges. The SS 304L flanges and fittings are reliable for applications in numerous conditions where severe corrosion is expected. The SS 304L flanges are very similar to the SS 304 Flanges and fittings. They possess all the characters that SS 304 Flanges possess.


The Stainless Steel 304L Flanges are widely used for applications where heavy gauge components are present. They offer high resistivity against corrosion and oxidation. The SS 304L flanges are a sought after option for application in severely corrosive environments. They are found in application in several industries because of their excellent resisting qualities. Industries that use SS 304L Flanges and fittings include Food processing industries, beer brewing industries, Architectural industries, and Milk processing industries. They are also used for the manufacturing of Chemical containers, Heat Exchangers and water filtration equipment. The SS 304L flanges and fittings are also used in indoor applications such as Kitchen sinks and appliances.

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