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Nuts Stainless Steel 304L is the higher nickel and chromium and less carbon content product. It is also recognized as UNS S30400 nuts relatively used particularly in wine making, milk processing, food processing equipment, as well as beer brewing. Because of its less carbon content, it offers enhanced elevated temperature strength when uncovered to above 800 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. It has both better mechanical as well as chemical properties. Not only this, it is mostly found in the gas, chemical, as well as oil refining industry. It exhibits better corrosion resistance and formability. It meets up various specifications and dimensions like ASTM, IS, BS and so on.


Its size falls between 3 mm – 200 mm and other on special request by the users. Also, the length of it lies between M 02 – M 33 and more. You can get Nuts Stainless Steel 304L in custom-built shapes, sizes, and lengths as per your needs and just by placing order. One of the good things about it is you can avail it at most affordable rates online. It is light in weight and non fragile as well.

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