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Stainless Steel 304L Plate has a chemical composition consisting of several ingredients, including 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and 0.08 max carbon content. This combination imparts enhanced corrosion resistance to the plates and makes them resistant to general corrosion in most corrosive environments such as air, warm chlorinated seawater, and industrial areas. It also offers excellent low-temperature toughness and strength - making it the stainless steel of choice for heavy gauge and high-pressure vessel requirements. For these reasons, Stainless Steel 304L Plates remain the go-to choice for many industrial projects.

These plates offer high mechanical strength and resilience, excellent corrosion resistance, and toughness. They're often found in food processing equipment, medical devices, chemical plants, bridge and construction structures, oil rigs, and heat exchangers. Due to their remarkable non-magnetic properties and resistance to oxidation and chlorination environments, they are widely integrated into pulp mills and conduit cells. Their ease of welding makes them an optimal choice for other applications such as pipelines, architectural paneling, and marine components. Furthermore, these stainless steel plates have good formability that allows the fabrication of parts using conventional techniques such as bending or metalworking. With so many attractive features, the Stainless Steel 304L Plates can be considered one of the best materials when seeking an ideal solution for any of your various engineering needs.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 304L Plates

Stainless Steel 304L Plate can be connected to pipes, flanges, and other fittings using a variety of methods, including butt welding, socket welding, and threaded connections.

The maximum pressure ratings for Stainless Steel 304L Plates vary depending on the type and size of the fitting; the most common pressure ratings are class 3000 (3000 lbs/sq in), class 6000 (6000 lbs/sq in), and class 9000 (9000 lbs/sq in).

Yes, Stainless Steel 304L plates provide superior corrosion resistance thanks to tightly controlled alloys used during production.

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