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There are various leading manufacturers’ available worldwide offering series of stainless steel 304L PTFE tubular sight glass. These sight glasses are basically designed to check the correct flow of liquids. These sight glasses enable users to maintain the correct flow of water, oil or gas and instantly help them guide their co-workers to make if any changes are needed. The sight glass is non-contaminant; non-reactive with all types of liquids, therefore, they are made using the best quality of raw material. Moreover, the sight flow indicator is often used in different industries and used in different applications so as to inspect the proper flow of fluids and visual indication of liquid in pipes.


The stainless steel 304L PTFE tubular sight glass mainly consists of two flanges, where flanges material is used as per the requirement and demand of customers like stainless steel, mild steel or carbon steel. Another important material used in this sight glass is borosilicate glass tube. This type of glass is fixed between the two processed flanges using studs so as to make the glass leak proof and it can easily withstand in pipeline pressure. After its final assembling, the tubular sight glass is tested with hydro test equipment.

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