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Stainless steel 304L plates are basically from the family austenitic stainless steel and are considered versatile. These stainless steel plates are used in several applications and are available in wide varieties. Well, it is important to note that they are relative to low cost and used in those applications that need hardness and strength. Moreover, grade 304L has excellent properties to low temperature and often respond well with hardening work. Not only this, it even has good weldability and annealing which makes the stainless steel plates stronger and harder enough to sustain at high temperature and environment.


Stainless steel 304L plates are widely used in applications like heat exchangers, conveyors, architectural and food processing applications. Well, talking about its specification they are approved with ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN and AISI specifications, and standards. The size of these plates varies From ¼ NB to 4 NB and thickness varies from 0.4mm to 100mm. These stainless steel plates are available in the soft form, half hard form, and spring hard and quarter hard form. Moreover, they are even available with hot rolled finishing, met plastic coated and cold rolled finishing.

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