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Valves are tools that are used to regulate, throttle and completely stop the flow of fluids. Both liquids and gases. Stainless steel valves are the most common types. These valves are used in various industries, biopharma, oil and gas, chemical industries etc. Every industry finds the use of valves in industries of most kinds. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the right grade of material for the valve and the right ones for their respective operations.


Stainless steel 304L valves are highly used in the industry that have high chemical contents around the area and in the pipelines around seas and coastal areas. This form of valve is the most economical choice for a corrosion resistant valve, especially in places where there is high salt and chemical content.


Stainless steel of grade 304L is inert to mild chemicals, therefore care must be taken before installation of the valves of this grade.

These valves are available in different kinds. Ball valves, needle valves, non-returning valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, etc. All of these valves come in sub types based on the pressure and temperature they can handle – low pressure valves, high pressure valves or medium, each handling different ranges of pressure.

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