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Stainless Steel 304LN Channels is one of the variants of the Stainless Steel 304 Channels, which is the most popular stainless steel material. The specialty about the 304LN version is that it is nitrogen- strengthened variant of SS 304LN. Here is the composition of the material in question-


  • Chromium content is about 18- 20% which is the major dominator in the composition graph.
  • 8- 12% is the amount of Nickel content.
  • The maximum percentage of Manganese is 2%.
  • The product is nitrogen- strengthened which is present in maximum 0.1- 0.16%.
  • The occurrence of Phosphorus is recorded as 0.045%, which is the maximum amount of its presence.
  • 0.03% is the maximum record of presence of carbon which is a vital content in the composition.
  • Sulfur is found in 0.03% which is the maximum amount of its presence.
  • Whatever remains becomes the percentage of iron which is responsible for the hardness of the material along with other metals.


The product is mainly used in heat exchangers, nuclear industry, chemical industry, fabrication industry, petroleum industry and food industry. With such a good profile and vital application this is one of the best options available for usages in various fields.

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