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Are you looking to buy the stainless steel 304 LN pipe? If yes, then before you buy it, it will be better to gain some information on this stainless steel. 304 LN stainless steel tubes and pipes are used in the applications like the pressure vessels, railroad cars, valves, and flanges, etc. these pipes are made with the international as well as national quality raw material and are currently available in customized size as well as thickness. The manufacturing of these pipes are done according to the demands of the customers.


Specifications of this pipe are done as ASTM A/ ASME SA 312, TO V. the size of the pipe can range from 1/ 8’ NB- 30’NB. Whereas the outer diameter can range from 6.00 mm od to 914.4mm od or even to 24’ NB. This pipe is available in the different types like the ERW/ CDW/ seamless/ welded. It is also manufactured in different shapes as well as forms like the rectangular pipe, coiled tubes, square pipes, u shaped, etc. the length of the pipe can be double random, required length or single random.

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