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Stainless Steel 304N pipes, this grade of steel is great in use because is better in the corrosion resistance and with that, it is also non-magnetic in nature. But at the same time when it is used for the cold work then it acquires the magnetic quality slightly. Its chemical composition makes it best for use. It is mainly used in making the equipment and in much more things. Talking about its components than 18 CR-8NI and with that 0.2N-Nb. besides this, its characteristics are the strength because of which it's being a part of so many big things or industries.


Its strength yield property is somehow approx 0.2% it is even heated resistance too. It is even can weld with the different welding methods. It compositions makes it good for welding. This material is also highly used in the high-pressure equipment, various equipment employing and Centrifugal separators etc.


Stainless Steel 304 N seamless pipes were made with great care that’s why after its fully designed final material go for the testing. If everything is ok then the product is ready for sell. Even at the time of taking order many of the customers also describe their needs to the manufacturing company.

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