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These are a austenitic stainless steel washers which are being manufactured from the alloys which contains the elements like chromium, nickel also the addition of nitrogen. Here the carbon content is being restricted. Stainless Steel 304N Washer are used in the areas of low temperature based services and are highly corrosive environments. The dimensions and sizes can be varied according to the industrial needs. All these are being produced on the international standards. These types of washers are being highly required in many areas. These are being utilized on the commercial basis.


There cannot be any replacement for these washers. When there is an environment which has low temperatures these are the perfect washers which can be used in those space. The other washers might be incapable of performing the assigned tasks due to a decrease in temperature in those situations, these are the ones which will be best in business. There are so many applications and industries which are reliable on these kinds of washers especially in the countries where there will be low temperatures. These are viable and provide the required strength.

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