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These are being used in for the applications which require superior corrosion resistance in wet environments. Some of the areas where the Stainless Steel 305 Washer is being used include decks, boardwalks, pools, hot tubes and many more. In all these areas there will be wetness and as a result of which the washers get corroded very easily. These types of washers are extensively designed in order to not to corrode away. It has an additional corrosion resistance than that of others. They are available in various sizes and dimensions, all these can be very well customized according to the industrial requirements.


This stainless steel is also being recommended for the use of cedar, red wood and various other wood substrates which have higher acid content. It is being widely used in maritime applications which are something which has lot of exposure to the salt water. They have a longer durability and exercise an extensive strength when being exposed to water environment.  Apart from these ones, there are no other stainless steel washers which can withstand the corrosion occurring due to salt water.

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