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The washers are unique and can deliver high range output. Stainless Steel 308 Washer is being designed and manufactured precise machinery which has the accuracy of about 0.0001” to allow the accurate indexing of the muzzle brakes and flash hiders without the need of peeling or crush washers. These washers are of extreme important when there requires accuracy. These are being used in many industries. It has a very good durability and a withstanding ability. The strength exhibited by these is far more than what is being required.


These washers are extremely designed and produced with a purpose of producing the much needed accuracy to the element. These are being composed of various elements and all these results together in giving the much needed strength to the washer. The durability and the strength is of high output. These are being designed in the international standards. The alloys of 308 have the ability to exercise the strength in high temperatures. They will not result in cracks, but will withstand the temperatures. There are many applications to which these are being used of.

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