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Stainless steel 309 pipe fittings are considered best because grade 309 present in these fittings offer excellent corrosion resistance and contain a high amount of elements like nickel and chromium. This grade is often used in stainless steel products such as high-temperature containers, firebox sheets and so on. Well, if we talk about pipe fittings these fittings are used in various applications like liquor handling machinery, chemical processing, and boiler baffles. Moreover, these fittings are more recognized for good strength and oxidation resistance at a temperature of 1093 degree Celsius. These fittings meet both national and international standards and specifications.


The Stainless steel 309 butt weld fittings are manufactured after several tests and inspections such as radiography test, flattening test, hardness test, and many more tests. These tests are basically done to ensure products sustainability and durability. Moreover, these fittings are well packed in wooden cases of boxes so that these fittings won’t catch rust or get damaged due to seasonal changes. You get these fittings in different shapes, sizes, and forms. The available size of these fittings is 1/8 NB to 48 NB and all its dimensions are scheduled to various sections.

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