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Stainless steel 309 pipes are rust resistant and much better than the grade 304 because of its higher nickel and chromium content. It is thus, useful in high-temperature containers, furnace parts, firebox sheets and weld wire. The available form of this grade pipe is the welded tube, seamless tube, pipe fittings as well as flanges.


Specification of the stainless steel 309 is as per the ASTM A 312, A358. UNS- S30900/ S30908, this alloy is known for its high-temperature service. And it can work well at a temperature up to 2000 degree. It also has improved resistance towards cyclic oxidation as well as sulfidation. It got better strength and resistance towards intergranular corrosion.


This stainless steel has the carbon content lower and due to this, it is used for fabrication. The pipes made from this alloy are produced in variable size, shape, form, length, width, and diameter. Clients can easily buy this stainless steel pipe from the best distributors. It is important to go through the test, inspection, and certification of the product before buying it.

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