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Do you need custom stud bolts with stainless steel 309? Since the Stainless Steel 309 Stud Bolts have met every challenge of providing quality, timely, cost-effective solutions for fastener applications. Every product of 309 grades of SS bolts is designed as per your requirement and specifications. Before we talk about its technical specification, you must know its some salient features like excellent heat resistance, anti-corrosive able to resist in the hostile environment and is used commonly in offshore engineering projects.


Stud bolts SS 309 product specification:


These bolts are manufactured to follow standards like ASTM/ASME-A/SA 193. And has other specifications like JIS, IS, BS, GB, ISO, and others. These 309 grades of stud bolts have length 3mm to 200mm and have size lies between M33 to M160. It comes in the variety of types such as eye bolt, hanger bolts, lag bolts, hexagon head, countersunk bolt and many others types is available in the market, you can grab as per your need.


Many companies arrange the fastest delivery of Stainless Steel 309 Stud Bolts in all over the globe as the availability of Stainless Steel 309 Bolts is easily available in various sizes and different coatings.

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