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The authentic stainless steel is an chromium nickel stainless steel element which is often used in applications which requires high temperatures. Stainless Steel 309 Washer consists of chromium and nickel and hence they are corrosion resistant and have a very good resistance to oxidation. They also possess excellent heat resistance while providing strength at room and higher temperatures. These stainless steel elements can be very well differentiated from the others. These are being utilized solely for the purpose of high temperature oxidation resistance and posses very good strength.


They also have the resistance to creep deformation and environmental attack. These are being used in wide range of applications, some of the places where these are being used include, heating elements, heat exchangers, kiln liners, auto exhaust parts and many more. They provide high range and very good corrosion resistance. These are being used in marines because of its high levels of corrosion resistance. These washers have high resistance to sulfite liquors.  They are being designed and manufactured in various sizes and dimensions based on the applications as specified by the industries. It is produced in international standards.

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