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Our search for the best quality stainless steel products leads us to this amazing product which is available in the market as Stainless Steel 309Cb Channels. This particular quality of stainless steel is manufactured for the purpose of molding it into wrought products. The steel is generally made in the annealed condition.


Composed of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, chromium and nickel which constitute significant part in the chemical composition of the steel and provides it the qualities that it has. Apart from that, certain properties which include high tensile strength, lesser surface area, hardness and greater yield strength are what makes it suitable for the following purpose:


  • Construction- Because of the strength and durability of the stainless steel, it is used extensively in the construction industry.
  • Support structure- The high tensile strength and the very fact that the products remain resistant to oxidation is the reason why we use them in the manufacture of support structures.
  • General engineering- The composition, physical and chemical properties of the steel are what makes it highly appropriate for the purpose of application in general engineering like designing, maintenance and building.

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