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Alloy 309S is chromium and nickel austenitic stainless steel that is widely used in high-temperature applications. Due to the high nickel and chromium content, the stainless steel 309S bolts are highly corrosion resistant and have excellent heat resistance and prove excellent due to the good strength at elevated temperatures. Alloy 309S gas less carbon content that improves weldability. These bolts are exclusively used in different applications that are used in high temperature and environment. Well, on the other hand, these bolts are made with the finest quality of raw material which is first tested and inspected and then delivered for bolt manufacturing process.


If you are likely in search of best quality of bolts then we would recommend you to buy stainless steel 309S bolts only. They have high potential, strength, and durability which make these bolts withstand in extreme environment easily. These bolts cover ASTM, ASME standards and specifications. Not only this, they are available in different shapes and sizes as per the requirements of customers. Further, to maintain and prevent these bolts from rusting and unconditional damages that occur during transportation they are packed in wooden pallets and plastic bags.

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