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Basically, the Stainless Steel 309S pipes are similar to the 309 types but the difference only comes in the amount of the carbon content in the 309S. In this material the use of the carbon is minimized because of which it reduces the carbide precipitation, beside this it also improves its weldability. In the annealed conditions it becomes non-magnetic whereas in the cold working it becomes lightly magnetic. These types of the pipes are mainly used in the shipbuilding companies or car industries. Beside this, it is even used in the electricity industry and in machinery field too.


in the market these pipes are available in the so many forms basically you will get it in the form of the square, rectangle, round and hydraulic etc. moreover, they are also available in the welded types, seamless types, fabricated types and many more. Their ends are also beveled, treaded or plain as per the need of the clients. Talking about the length of the Stainless Steel 309S Seamless pipes it comes in the single random, cut length or double random and many more. Make your choice and then hire a reliable company for buying.

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