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Stainless Steel 310 is an austenitic steel type with medium carbon content. 316 Grade contains 25% Chromium and 20% Nickel. The chromium and nickel content in 310 pipes makes them resistant to oxidation and corrosion. High chromium and medium nickel content makes 310 capable of withstanding sulphuric atmospheres effectively. 310 cannot be hardened using heat treatment.

Alloy 310 Pipes can be used in application at cryogenic temperatures owing to its toughness and low magnetic permeability. High temperature oxidation resistance is also offered by 310 Pipes. The grade is also resistant to sulphidation and carburisation effectively. Cold forming on 310 is easy and can be carried out using standard method and equipment. Pitting resistance is poor in UNS S31000 alloy pipes is low due to the lesser molybdenum content present in it. Corrosion resistance is superior to 304 due to the chromium and nickel, but 310 is not advisable to be used in corrosive liquid environments. The grade can be made available in sizes and finishing for specific application requirements. 310 pipes typically find usage in steam boilers, petroleum refineries, burners, combustion chambers, food processing equipment, retorts, muffles, and cryogenic structures.

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