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310H stainless steel flanges are composed of iron, chromium and nickel. The iron content is around 18-20%, the chrome content is 12-14%, and the nickel content is 8-10%. Other minor elements such as carbon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen are also found in small amounts. Combining these elements creates a highly durable alloy with excellent strength, corrosion resistance and temperature performance capabilities.

310H SS flanges are highly durable and offer excellent strength, corrosion resistance and temperature performance. This makes them well-suited for many applications, including construction, aerospace and chemical processing. The corrosion resistance provided by this alloy is especially beneficial in corrosive environments, ensuring a longer service life than other types of alloys. The properties of 310H stainless steel flanges include a high melting point (1425°C), good ductility, weldability, high tensile strength, strong formability and toughness even at low temperatures. The combination of these properties makes it an ideal choice for a variety of industries.

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