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The chemical composition of 310H stainless steel forged fittings is predominantly iron, with nickel, chromium and molybdenum added as alloying elements. The high nickel content makes it resistant to corrosion and oxidation, while the molybdenum enhances its pitting resistance. The addition of chromium increases its mechanical strength and gives it superior ductility and formability at low temperatures. This combination of elements provides good workability, weldability, and toughness in corrosive environments.

310H SS forged fittings have excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance making them ideal for various industries such as construction, aerospace, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals. It also has good weldability, formability, and toughness in corrosive environments. This combination of properties makes it an ideal choice for applications such as pipes, valves, and other fittings that must withstand high temperatures or corrosive environments. Its strength and ductility also make it suitable for structural components.

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