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As we all know that there are various types, grades, and brands of stainless steel bolts are available in the market. But if you ever ask any industrialists which alloy bolts is right then the only answer you will get is stainless steel 310S bolts. Yes! These are the best quality and grade of stainless steel bolts that are manufactured using premium quality of material that are inspected and tested before they are used for the manufacturing process. Well, if we talk about bolts specification and standards these are specified as per DIN, ASTM, BS and all other international and national standards. You will get these bolts in different shapes, sizes, and length as per your requirement.


The specification included to these bolts are AST, A193, B8M 8T, etc. further, the length of these bolts varies from 3mm to 200mm whereas the size of these bolts varies from customer to customer as per their requirement. They are tested and inspected under hardness test certificate, flattening certificate and third-party inspection certificate. When these stainless steel 310S bolts are packed in wooden pallets they are marked with companies name, size, length and specification.

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