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Stainless Steel 310S is a multi-purpose, austenitic steel type. 310S Pipes show oxidation resistance under mildly cyclic conditions. 310S is specially developed for use in applications that acquire high temperatures. 310S is similar in composition to 310 with 25% Chromium and 20% Nickel but 310S is less prone to embrittlement and sensitization. 310S grade also consists lower carbon content when compared to 310.

Properties like Low magnetic permeability and toughness makes this grade effective in cryogenic applications. Petrochemical environments are of no issue to these grades as they can withstand moderately carburising environments. UNS S31008 pipes are readily cold formed but cannot be hardened using heat treatment. Similar to 310, 310S Pipes also is capable of operating in reducing sulphuric atmospheres. 310S Grade Pipes are used for applications such as Furnaces, Burners, petroleum refining, Power generation, Food processing, Thermal processing and Cement plants.

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