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The stainless steel washer is being manufactured in various grades and sizes based on the requirement of the applications. The chemical composition and the mechanical properties will give the exact nature of these washers. Stainless Steel 309S Washer are one of its kinds. These are much more capable of the earlier 309 washers. They are being used in various applications for different industrial purposes. One of the common difference between the 309 and 309S washers lies in the fact that of the composition of the carbon. The alloys of 309S have a much lesser carbon content than the former one and because of which it minimizes the carbide precipitation and improves the welding ability.


They can be welded through any ways. Some of the major areas where these kinds of washers are being employed include boiler baffles, carburizing annealing products, aircraft and jet engine parts, refinery and chemical processing equipments.  These are often being used at higher temperatures to take the advantage of their oxidation resistance. These are generally considered as heat resistant alloys. Their destructive scaling temperature is 2000 degree Fahrenheit.

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