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The stainless steel washers are utilized for various requirements which varies from the indoor and outdoor applications, these are some of the different types of washers rather than the normal ones. Stainless Steel 314 Washer material is being identified as the B8 class of alloys. These are most suited for most of the industrial purposes and applications in specific. They are being produced in various sizes and dimensions. These stainless steel washers are being manufactured according to the industrial requirements. The areas where these are being used include oil refineries, chemical manufacturing, steel and aluminum manufacturing, transportation and industrial construction and many more. There are various elements which are being combined together to form these washers. The combination of various elements gives the much required strength and durability.


The composition of various elements results in the substance gives the benefit for these washers. These are being made in the industrial standards. These washers are being used at high temperatures, whereas the other washers will not be able to sustain these temperatures. They have very good oxidation ability and corrosion resistant even at high temperatures. Most of the other washers will not be able to provide these.

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