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Stainless steel is an essential for industries. It has many varieties, one of which is stainless steel 316. Stainless steel 316 has a wide number of practical usage. Stainless steel 316 is a molybdenum based grade of steel. It is an austenitic class of stainless steel. Molybdenum provides corrosion resistance to the steel adding to the credibility of the steel. Stainless steel 316 channels are high in strength and tough. Let’s look furthermore into this type stainless steel:



The composition in the steel is as follows,

    • Silicon is 0.75%
    • Carbon is 0.08%
    • Manganese is 2.0%
    • Phosphorous is 0.045%
    • Sulphur is 0.03%
    • Chromium is 18.00%
    • Molybdenum is 3.00%
    • Nickel is 14.00%
    • Nitrogen is 0.10%



Channel of stainless steel 316 is used at places where you require extreme resistance to corrosion. Surface pitting resistance is also an advantage of using stainless steel 316 channels. It is not corroded by salt water and could be used in the marine industry as it is not corroded by chloride. The products are used in raceways, tank supports, enclosures, used in housings and many places that require structural support.

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