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Stainless Steel 316 PTFE Lined Flanges are an intriguing combination of materials that perfectly balance durability and chemical resistance. The primary component of these flanges is stainless steel 316, an alloy made up of iron, chromium, nickel, manganese, and occasionally molybdenum. This alloy composition exhibits exceptional corrosion-resistant properties, particularly in high-chloride and corrosive environments, making it a popular choice amongst engineers and metallurgists. Along with the strength and resistance of stainless steel, the flanges are lined with a thin layer of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a remarkably stable and nonreactive polymer. This PTFE lining contributes to the flange's ability to withstand harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures while providing a smooth, low-friction surface. Stainless Steel 316 PTFE Lined Flanges boast a remarkable chemical composition that ensures superior functionality and longevity across various industrial applications.

The remarkable properties of SS 316 PTFE Lined Flanges contribute significantly to their extensive applications across various industries. Their most notable property is their noteworthy resistance to corrosion, which can be credited to the substantial proportion of molybdenum present in the stainless steel 316 composition. This attribute enables PTFE-lined flanges to withstand aggressive environments and harsh chemicals, making them ideal for chemical processing, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to this, the integration of PTFE lining within the flanges enhances their durability and resilience, ensuring a considerably longer service life with minimal maintenance requirements. The fusion of these properties allows 316 Stainless Steel PTFE Lined Flanges to deliver exceptional performance, safety, and reliability in demanding applications, such as pipelines carrying hazardous substances or within installations that require high standards of cleanliness and sterility.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 316 PTFE Lined Flanges

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) Code for Stainless Steel 316 PTFE Lined Flanges is 73079990.

Welding stainless steel 316 Ptfe Lined Flanges requires special techniques and tools. It's best to consult an expert for guidance on welding this type of flange, as failure to use the correct method can cause irreversible damage. Utilizing a durable TIG or MIG welder with appropriate gas settings is recommended for optimal results.

No, Stainless Steel 316 Ptfe Lined Flanges are not magnetic as the PTFE lining isolates the ferromagnetic steel from which the flange is made. Thus, even when exposed to a magnetic field it will not produce any noticeable attraction.

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