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Stainless steel 316 Ptfe Lined Pipe Fittings have a chemical composition of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, creating an alloy known for being highly corrosion-resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures. In addition, these fittings contain a type of PTFE lining that helps provide even more effective anti-corrosive protection in areas exposed to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures or other corrosive agents. This composition combined with the PTFE lining makes stainless steel 316 Ptfe Lined Pipe Fittings ideal for food processing and manufacturing applications, where long-lasting product life is essential for safe operation.

stainless steel lined fittings are becoming increasingly popular due to the combination of their strength and chemical resistance. Used in various industries, they can hold up to even the harshest industrial environments. With a corrosion resistance many times greater than traditional Stainless Steel and high tensile strength, these fittings are ideal for a variety of applications such as steam lines, corrosive fluids, wastewater management, and chemicals. They can handle moisture, radiations, extreme temperatures and highly acidic environments without rusting or welding. Additionally, the PTFE lining helps limit deposits from liquid flows, allowing for fewer maintenance requirements over time. In summation, stainless steel 316 pipe fittings offer a unique blend of strength and chemical resistance that surpasses what traditional fittings provide.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 316 PTFE Lined Pipe Fittings

These fittings are commonly used in industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and water treatment. They are ideal for applications requiring corrosion resistance, high temperatures, and harsh chemicals.

Some advantages of these fittings include their high resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, excellent thermal stability, and durability. They also have a low coefficient of friction which can help reduce pressure drops in fluid transfer systems.

The density of Stainless Steel 316 is approximately 8 g/cm³. However, the addition of PTFE lining may slightly alter the overall thickness of the pipe fitting. It's essential to consult with a supplier or manufacturer for specific details regarding density.

Stainless Steel PTFE lined pipe price per kg is 250?- to 350/-

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