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Do you own an oil and gas industry? If yes, then it is quite important for you to use stainless steel 316PTFE strainer. Yes, these are one of the best qualities of strainers that are manufactured using the best quality of raw material that is tested and inspected as per the international quality standards. Well, most of you do not know where these strainers are used; these strainers are widely used in those areas where there is a need of filtering liquid from its solid particles. These strainers are widely used in the gas and oil industry, water processing and food processing industry. You can get these strainers in a wide variety from any of the reliable manufacturer, exporter or supplier.


Stainless steel 316PTFE strainer is even available to customers as per their demand and requirement in different shapes and sizes. The size of these strainers varies from 25 NB to 300 NB whereas its outer body is as per ANSI, ASME and ANSI standard. these strainers are well tested and inspected by quality experts and inspection agencies who in turn offer tests certificates like ultrasonic test certificate, hardness test certificate, flaring test certificate, IBR test certificate and many more.

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