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There are various leading manufacturers out there providing the best quality of screw at a reasonable price. But, if you ask anyone to choose the best quality, they would often choose stainless steel 316 screw only. But, have you ever thought why they choose stainless steel screws only? Most of us do not, but it is important to note that these screws are one of the best qualities of stainless steel products that are manufactured using superior quality of raw material that is used in accordance with industrial and international quality standards. Furthermore, all the raw material is well tested and inspected before it is used for any purpose.


The stainless steel 316 screw consists of ASTM, ASME and ANSI standard and specifications. The size of these screws varies from 3m to 33m and length varies from 3mm to 300mm. These screws are similar to bolts that are used for tightening a particular piping system or flanges. You will get these screws in a wide variety from any of the reliable manufacturer at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, their tensile strength and corrosion resistance features make them stronger and harder.

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