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The stainless washers are a reliable spacing solution which offers the most important combinations of strength and provides the required corrosion resistance. The Stainless Steel 316 Washer consists of various elements which are combined together to produce the much required element. The various elements which are being incorporated in these are nickel, molybdenum. These are being used in some settings which may be exposed to the salt water. These are being used in various field, some of the areas where these are being used includes marine structures and equipments.


The size and dimensions of the washer varies from one to another depending upon the requirement specified by the industries. These are produced of the international standards. The composition of different elements provides the strength and durability to the element. They are being used in the places where there is high range of external temperature. These washers are used for many different applications and that these washers are being use is because of the fact that these can withstand temperatures of high degrees. These can be very well differentiated from others.

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