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Standard molybdenum bearing austenitic steel is the 316 grade. It is thermally non hard enable, nonmagnetic as well as an austenitic type of stainless steel. The presence of molybdenum makes it highly corrosion resistant. It is particularly resistant to crevice corrosion as well as pitting, acidic and salty environment. Thus, it has great welding and the forming characters. The strength of this alloy is also excellent and it has 50 % elongation ability.


These stainless steel 316 CB seamless pipes come in various shapes and sizes like round, tube, u shape, etc. due to its high corrosion resistant property, it is used in chemical, textile as well as pharmaceutical industries. Also, this grade of pipe is used in the aerospace, nuclear and the aviation industries. Manufacturing of this material takes places in manufacturing industries which make this pipe according to the national/ international standards.


During a manufacturing process, various other processes are carried out like testing, inspection, certification, heat treatment, etc. after conducting all these processes the material is packed in the material that are not durable but also preserve the pipe in its original form.

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