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The stainless steel washer of grade 316F consists of high creep strength at very high temperatures and has good heat resistance. The Stainless Steel 316F Washer consists of various elements which provides the much needed strength to the element and because of which it is able to perform its functions. The molybdenum content which is present in this steel helps to increase the resistance. These are being widely used in various applications in industries. A few places where these are being employed include marine environments, outdoor fields and many others.


They have a better corrosion resistance than that of other grades of the stainless steel washers. The chemical composition and the mechanical properties help in understanding about the washer. The percentage of chromium which is present is 16-18, 10-14 percentage of nickel, 2 percentage of manganese, 1.75-2.5 percentage of molybdenum and the remaining accordingly. These have a tensile strength of about 585 MPa and the yield strength of this stainless steel washer is 260 MPa. The elongation of the break is 60%.  And the hardness of these washers is 85.

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