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So you are searching for the premium quality of bolts that remain the same until its last stage of production. If yes, then it would be best if you buy stainless steel 316H bolts. These are stainless steel bolts where 316H is considered as the higher carbon variant that makes the steel products suitable for every temperature and environment. These bolts are used in the different application as they hold the two parts of an application and offer high tensile strength. The carbon content present in these bolts delivers yield strength and excellent toughness. These bolts are approved as per international and national standards and specifications including DIN & ISO.


The size of these stainless steel 316H hex bolts varies from M02 to M33 whereas the length of these bolts ranges from 3mm to 300mm. these bolts are available in different shapes and sizes as required by the customers. On the other hand, to known the quality of bolts they are tested and inspected and few additional tests are done like hardness test, positive material identification test and IGC test. They are further packed in plastic bags or wooden pallets to prevent rusting and further damages.

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