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Stainless steel channels are broadly used as a part of several modern utilizations. Stainless steel channels are available in various sizes and types, one of such type of stainless steel is stainless steel 316H channels has the stainless steel having UNS number as S316H09 is of grade 316H where H stands for the high carbon content in it. The carbon content in it 0.10%, silicon as 0.75%, manganese 2.00%, phosphorous as 0.045%, Sulphur being 0.030%, chromium as 18.00%, molybdenum as 3.00% and nickel being 14.00%.


The steel is used in gas and petrochemical industries. The high amount of carbon present in the steel offers a better tensile and have high strength. The austenitic structure of these channels provides an immense amount of durability of the structure that are installed on, even when it is exposed to cryogenic temperature. It is an upper carbon variation of grade 316 stainless steel channels. The steel channels are most fit to be used at places where high temperature is present. Offered by many agencies these channels are present in various sizes and designs.

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