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316H stainless steel flanges are comprised of carbon (0.04%-0.10%), manganese (2.00%-2.50%), silicon (0.75% max.), phosphorus (0.045% max.), sulfur ( 0.030% max.), chromium (16-18%) and nickel 10-14%. Additionally, it consists of small amounts of molybdenum, nitrogen, and copper, which help to improve its stability, formability, and weldability compared to conventional 304-grade stainless steels while enhancing its mechanical strength at elevated temperatures up to 485°C degrees Celsius/905°F Fahrenheit.

SS 316H Flanges are high-pressure flanges typically used in corrosive or scorching environments. Featuring superior corrosion resistance and strength, 316H has enhanced mechanical properties up to 1650°C (3000°F). The material is heat treatable with good welding characteristics and is suitable for cryogenic applications making it ideal for extreme temperature conditions.

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